Between mind and physic, I seldom use physic to face my past daily life. I learn theory and I think a lot in finishing my task either in university or organization. After sinking in this culinary project, I have to use physic in running that project. I ain’t used to be in that situation so I can be more sensitive of that. I easily feel tired and now I have to use both of them (mind and physic) because I have responsibility in organization too. Sometimes I have to face some unusual conditions: I want to finish my responsibility in organization but I can’t focus, my real physic is in the project but my mind is thinking about organization or otherwise, I want to maintain a good relationship with people and friends but I can’t leave this project, and I want to think various ideas for this project but I am blocked by this exhausted physic.

After facing this condition for around 3 months, I feel that “sleeping” , “blogging”, “taking a bath”, and “chanting” are the most valuable moment. At that time, I can really refresh my mind from densely routine of daily life. I can focus on my real self, I can look within my perspective, and I can reflect what I have thought and done all  this time. I sleep around 6-7 hours a day, I blog around 1-3 times a week, I take a bath around 2 times a day and 10 minutes each bath (because I have to open the store immediately at 6:15 and there’s no break time in the evening ), and I chant one time a week.

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