Few weeks ago, before I started to leave my past daily life, I ever thought that my life will change and it won’t be as comfort as I felt at that time. And, finally what I ever thought becomes true! I have to take a hard decision between struggling myself in job environment or starting culinary business with my mom. Many considerations I have to think because I realize that life is not only about me, but also about others. When I finally took a decision, I try to find all the positive sides and keep motivating myself. Sometimes when I am down, the negative mindset just come out easily. But, I slowly recover my spirit when I find my hobby in culinary business (Mie Tarek). I can sketch and design logo for that!

I learn management too. Stock, financial, human resource, quality control, and another small-but-big-effect things in culinary business. In my mind, this business is just like my big project (same like thesis) and I have to finish it to get a good mark. HaHa. Few years ago, in my life-target-list, I wrote that I want to have a cafe which has a good service and creative concept. Though I haven’t reached that, this culinary project is a small step for me.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. In the past article, I shared about the 3D Pop-up Card handmade. I run this mini project because of a single big reason: collecting money! Yeah, only that simple reason. That money is for the capital of Mie Tarek’s preparation: the stainless-steel-cooker, the stainless-steel-gerobak-sorong, the meja-kursi, the saringan-air, the blender-minuman, the kompor-masak, and all the perkakas-masak-yang-dikumpul-kumpul-banyak-juga-gila. Though that mini project didn’t give a big contribution in capital (only 1%), but at least I have given my best effort. Fiuh! I ever feel depressed when I realized that I can’t earn lot of money from it. I am limited in human resource. I have to create the idea, think the concept, find the resources, design-edit-print the cards, purchase the stocks, and market the cards. I have to do the raw-beginning till the wow-finishing. In April 2013, I have to slow down my performance in that handmade activity because I have to focus the Mie Tarek which is near the deadline, 6 June 2013. Two months preparation and it absorbed tons of physical energy. Fiuh!