Time flies but we just walk. Yah, everything seems come and go by itself. August 2012 is coming, exactly tomorrow. On last Sunday, it was just a great moment by having a simple meeting with youths at Vihara Dharma Shanti, Lubuk Pakam. My dream comes true. I ever wished that one day, we (BLIA YAD Indonesia) can have a meeting with them to do discussion and sharing about experience in organization. I’m very motivated to support them. They just reminded me about the time when Harmonity sQuad and I organized YAD Holiday 2010.

They are just like us at the past. I know their feeling. I know what they are facing. Maybe some people haven’t understand my feeling towards them. But, in my deepest heart, I want and I will, support them. Always. I don’t know how long I can do this to them though one day I am not committee anymore. Yah, this year is my last year being a committee. Maybe, this is my last chance to keep connection with them, support them. I just want to appreciate what I can do at this moment, this present. Jiayouuu!