Lollipop has 8 letters which represent 8 great friends who were my school friend at Hang Kesturi Medan.  Now, I would like to put the ♥ symbol to the name “Lollipop”. So, it becomes “♥ Lollipop” because some of us have their sweetheart already and ♥ represents people who love Lollipop as their family too (beside their own sweetheart). HoHo

Not because Lollipop has 8 great friends, then the rest of my school friend (Hogwartz) are not a great friend anymore. No! HoHo. But, we just have a same activity (extracurricular at Galileo) at the past, spent our time to do crazy things at that time, and finally we just indirectly built a great friendship between us. Yah, it was actually a long story but it’s not the right time to share about that now. HaHa

Maybe one day I will write special story about the History of Lollipop. HoHo

So, few weeks ago (May 2012), we did gathering after we haven’t meet for such a long-long-long time ago. Nita Sofiani just came home from China (after finished her Bachelor Degree. Congratulations!) and she just want to gather all of us. Finally, we did it. Few weeks after that, Hendro just came home too and finally we did gathering again. HaHa.

Few weeks ago, we just made a special video to Nita Sofiani as her birthday surprise. At this time, when I saw Carin & Hendro, I just want to laugh. HaHa.

I don’t know how to express my feeling about Lollipop through this writing. It can’t be expressed in words, I think. The simple statement about Lollipop is “Lollipop turns to ♥ Lollipop just like Family turns to Big Family. Though we have our own bustle in life, the warm feeling just arise when all of us can spend our time to meet & share to each other. Sometimes it’s quite insipid (Means: hambar) because it just like we meet each other for the first time (especially with their own sweetheart). But sometimes it’s quite cozy when we can be opened to each other and share our moment in the past.

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Still remember our past-past-past Lollipop Gathering 29 January 2012?

BTW, Carin! Where are you? Leave Taiwan & go home now! HaHa