This blog just have a simple transformation recently. Yah, I put 2 additional photos at the header of this blog. So, now this blog has 4 main photos just like what you have seen.

You can click that photo directly to see the bigger size of it. You have to try now! Click one of them! HoHo

I also edit some words at About Me and I plan to change My CV language to English 100%. Why? Mmmm… Just want to apply the habit of using English 🙂

Last but not least, I put a MUSIC BOX at the right side of this blog. Can you see it? It’s just very nice when we can read an article while listening to the music. Press the PLAY button and enjoy the song, Missing Piece by David Choi, not David Wijaya. HaHa.

Thanks for your visits all this time.

Happy weekend 🙂