I found one photo which inspired me to share my thoughts about the 2nd last of process in human being’s life, OLD. We simply know that there are 4 of it: BORN, SICK, OLD, and DEATH. We can’t be separated of that process after we’re born in this beautiful world (:

That old man must be a popular person in the world because his wax is promoted in Madame Tussaudg at Bangkok, Thailand. I wish that I know who he is actually. Do you know him guys? HoHo

At that time, my friend, Suwandi Halim, asked me to take photo with him. He said, “Hey, David. Look! His face is same like you. Come on! Take a shoot with him.” So, I try to smile like his expression and finally the photo was like this. HaHa. Quite funny I think. Thanks to Suwandi (:

Yesterday, I told to my parents, “See! I will become like him after I’m getting older already.” They just smile and my mom said, “Yah, but please become fatter. Day by day, you become thinner.” I was silent and I have no idea about that statement because I can’t be fatter anymore, I think. HaHa.

Yah, this photo reminds me about my grandfather and grandmother, also my dad and mom though they are still very young. HaHa.

His smile looks very peace and I want to be like him one day. Become wiser, and give people happiness & confidence. This photo realized me more about appreciating time when I’m in teenage life now.

When we are old already, we won’t have that strong SPIRIT anymore like when we’re still young.
When we’re old already, we have to feel satisfied because we have appreciated our TIME when we’re still young.
When we’re old already, we have written a great HISTORY and we just smile when we flashback to the past.
When we’re old already, we won’t regret the failure that we have done rather than we regret of what we afraid to do in the past.

Ayee! (: