I just finished updating my Curriculum Vitae (CV), especially the year of 2012. You can visit it HERE !


Actually, the purpose of making this CV is just for my self-motivation and self-confidence. Sometimes when I felt saturated and lack of motivation, I read my CV  to flashback what I have done all this time from year to year. I just want to make sure that I do “something” in my life and I give “something” to others around my environment. Though all my experiences are mostly involved in volunteering and service (not in working / carrier life), I felt that my life can become more balance than before. Maybe, it is quite strange reasons for other people, but I enjoy myself especially in my teenage life now. But, nowadays, I start to think about my carrier life because it must be the time and the mate just come unpredictably. Just try to do my best and don’t want to miss any chance in my life. HoHo.


Mmmm… Talking about my CV (again),

For sure,  I don’t have any purpose to show me that I am arrogant person because of this CV. I hope that no people have that negative thinking. HoHo. Remember,  the purpose of making this CV is just for my self-motivation and self-confidence (:


Yah, sometimes we have to be proud of ourselves, but we must keep it balance and not to become more egoistic. It is the challenge!

Just want to feel grateful because of my life that I live till now.


Thanks to my parents who always support and give me advise when it is necessary.

Thanks to my mom who always prepare a very great food for me and brothers.

Thanks to my mom who constantly remind me about my future and health.

Thanks to my dad who give his trusty for me in facing my own life independently.

Thanks to my brothers who can keep communication and sharing in brotherhood.


Thanks to ShiFu who constantly guide committee of YAD to stay in line and become mindful in thinking, uttering, and doing

Thanks to all my friends who indirectly become my inspiration in developing myself to be better day by day.

Thanks to friends who can share each other, take care each other, and remind each other.

Thanks to friends who can be my second family (Lollipop)

Thanks to friends who can support me, not just in happy situation but also in problems

Thanks to friends who can struggle together in facing education challenge


Thanks to people who can tell each other about their experiences and stories, give advice and feedback

Thanks to all kids who can make me smile and cherish the moment of happiness although only see their face

Thanks to all elders who can make me more appreciate small things in my life

Thanks to all peers who can make me realize the importance of TIME

Thanks to all mates which extend in my life either positive or negative


Thanks (:

Feel more grateful than before

Hope that you guys can feel grateful of your life



I update THIS also !