This morning, I just have the last meeting (before the event) with some committees of BITSMIKRO who are chosen as the team activity in BITSMIKRO Gathering on this Sunday, exactly 4 March 2012. We did discussion about how this gathering will run successfully. Mostly, we focus on creating a game. I set them not only active before the event but also as the Master of Ceremony (MC) in presenting and explaining their own games which has been discussed before.

We did some rehearsal how to present in a good way, especially our volume in speaking because we don’t have any sound system or loudspeaker to support that situation. We have some games like:

–          UNO Tangan (by Wenny Octavia)

–          Chicken Fight (by Beatrix)

–          Pecah Piring (by Jojor Putri)

–          Ular Nyanyi (by myself)

–          Tebak Gambar (by Icha)

–          Dodge Ball Expert (by Erwin)

–          Punishment (by Mety)

Yah, just hope the best from them. Though it will be the first time for them to show up in MC position, but I’m sure that they will bring this event in a fun and attractive way. Actually, this is my first time in leading them as a simple Event Organizer. Hope it can deliver a good teamwork between us. Also, thanks to Vincent as the Leader of Event who can happily support us (:

Yeah! Good luck for us!

Three days left (: