From Guo-tang, I learnt to be grateful of my food which was available in front of me. I practiced patience, calmness, attitude, and peace of mind. Discipline and the rules made us different from animals. Appreciate any food in front of our eyes.

We didn’t need to be hurry if others had finished their food. Be calm and don’t make any voice or looking others. Hmmm… Yap, I got knowledge about Dining Hall Service and Eating Procedure alias Guo-tang.

For sure, this seminar has opened my mind about Buddhism which is spreading very great, especially in Taiwan. So many monks and they have their own charisma which can motivate and inspire people to understand more about Buddhism: how to control our mind, control our behavior, and also control our thinking. I feel grateful because I have this chance to join this seminar. I can value myself when I do interaction with abroad people. Sometimes I can’t be brave enough to speak with them, sometimes I can’t maintain a good communication with them, and sometimes I can’t be very opened towards them.

From that seminar, I just have one friend from China who is still keep connection with me. Her name is Yu Wei. She is from China and we shared a lot from email. She can write English very well and of course better than me. HaHa.. Yah, sometimes we have our own bustle so it makes us have to wait reply from each other for few days. Recently, I feel that I become hardly to open conversation with her because maybe I have no idea to create a new topic to discuss about. But, she can open a great conversation, for example: about daily life, education, family, etc. For sure, I learnt a lot from her. Before facing the new year of 2012, she planned to send me a postcard. Because I have no internet connection when I was at Brastagi to prepare Old & New party, I just replied her message few days after that. Ouch! I felt very sorry to her. Sorry, Yu Wei. Hope that you can face your education with great spirit and also face your life with compassion. Nice share with you all this time (:

Yap! These are some photos which was taken by my friends: Rong Lee, Juandy, Richard Pho, and some of friends from “Group 2” Life & Chan. Some photos are about Buddha Memorial Centre which I downloaded from unknown people at facebook. Thanks a lot, guys!


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