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Dharmashanti Brastagi Temple, 25-26 June 2011 . . .

That event just passed few days ago. It’s just a past memory now and it will be one of my great memory in history of life. Yaa! I can’t believe that I can feel the warm feeling in the closing session. It was the first time I ever joined a seminar about photography and felt a different feeling.


Honestly, I don’t interest “too much” about photography. Yah, like usual, I just captured my miniature with my simple pocket camera, then posted them in this blog. But, after my father has his own willingness to buy a DSLR few weeks ago, it motivated me to learn more about photography. It was a coincidental situation which has a great mate (Means: jodoh) with this Photography Competition 2 (PC2).


I don’t ask my father to buy it, but it was just happened luckily, I think. HaHa..


I’m motivated with Mr. Peter Chandra who was one of the speakers in that seminar. He is professional in landscape photography and I was freeze with his photos. *Fffrrr!*

You know what, he is a DOCTOR. Aaaa.. I was shocked at the first time. A different job with different way of life. Fiuh.. *thumbs-up!*

Then, he has a sociable character, easy-going, and friendly. *like!*


Beside him, there’s another great speakers, Darwin Wu, Darwis Taniwan, and Cindy. I like Darwin Wu’s job title, “Professional photographer”. *Wow!*

Then, Darwis Taniwan, a great leader who give a great motivation and inspiration, ideas, and all about art. Last, Cindy, with simple and pure characteristic, she shared a good knowledge about COLOR. *Cool!*


Unpredictable moment when CingKai expressed a cute and funny pose after I put a turquoise hat on her head. HaHa..

1st time shoot from the hill. At that time, it was started to be rainy then I quickly captured it. HoHo..

Simple glass with luxurious art & design at the café !

This is my best shot in PC2. No editing when I captured the “Heaven” font because I used a piece of paper to support this photo. Thanks to Devit Chandra who has helped me in the process of capturing. TQ, bro! (:

I feel the pure heart and peace when I see this child. I captured this child when she was concentrate in praying. Hope to meet you again, child! (:

I’m quite shocked when CingKai want to give a same expression together in a shoot! Thanks for the photographer, Tiffanny Lin! You did it quick and nice! HaHa.. (: