Sunday, 30th January 2011…

Hogwartz Gathering 2011

The day when my school friends (Hogwartz) just did gathering at Joko Solo after almost 1 year never meet each other, especially with friends who was studying abroad all this time, Nita, Caroline Lestari, and Erica.

As usual, I organized this gathering “again” though I hope for others to do this. Fufufu..


Let’s back in the past!

I still remembered when we (Hogwartz) did a lot of activities, especially few months after we graduated from High School student. Lots of memories at that time and actually I missed that moment very much. Aaaa…

Miss the moment when we can did gathering with fun, crazy, and creative activities (especially at my home!), but time just start to separate us one by one. Yahh.. We have to face this condition because logically we can’t be together at all times. Everyone has their own destiny of life, their own job, and their own activities, but don’t ever forget our friendship which has been built year by year, experience by experience, and moment by moment. Hoho..


 Let’s back in the present now!

The gathering just run smoothly because the situation at there wasn’t crowded and the sky was cloudy, so we just felt quite cool in the process of gathering. Lots of sharing that we did at that time, but mostly was about boyfriend/girlfriend. Haha..

It was quite funny, I think. Because what? It was contrary with the topic which my friends (at temple) and I usually discuss about. And, at that time, I was in the position which was like the problem solver for them, though I have no quite great experience in “relationship” case. Haha..


I just shared what I have known and learnt all this time. I felt quite grateful because of my experience and knowledge which I gained from the process of my family, organization, and life experiences, then I can share it to them. Yah!


I felt I am now in process of being mature both in thinking and doing things, but I am also in process of learning and learning. Life is full of learning, buddy! (:

But, the main point of my solution was “BALANCE” and they can accept this point “BALANCE” to be applied in their life, especially in relationship case. Haha..




That is my key to face this year of 2011 and it is valid not only for relationship, but all parts of life. Yes! Universal~



Today is “sa cap meh” and tonight all of my father’s family will have dinner together and at the midnight, we will pray and celebrate the Chinese New Year. All Chinese people in the world will do this also. Hoho..

Fireworks will be coloring the sky “again” and the strong feeling of fireworks from Old & New Celebration will be always kept safely in my mind. Hoho..


Wish all of us a very Happy Chinese New Year..

May this Rabbit’s year gonna be a blessing year for all of us..

Let’s start a new page of life by doing good thing because one little action brings boundless good causes and conditions..

Hope all of us have Skillful Wisdom and Enlightened Mind..

Wish our family and friends in a harmonize and healthy condition..


Thing good thought..

Do good thing..

Say good word..

Keep our burning youth spirit..



Good luck!



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