One month already after the new year of 2011..


Time just passed faster since I am one of the committees in BLIA YAD Indonesia.. Two years ahead will be my big responsibility towards BLIA YAD Indonesia itself.

“ I am one of the committee of BLIA YAD Indonesia. I don’t work alone. My job description below is to enhance the effectiveness of all committee. I am committed to always improve myself not only in my part of expertise, but also in all section. I serve as volunteer for other committee. ”

A little bit quotation of my past stories..

One month ago, when I was the member who wanted to apply for the committee, I felt very energetic. Yeah! I was 90% optimistic in passing the interview and I kept on motivating some friends who were in my position too.

Hmmm.. Finally, I passed!

In November 2010, I just received letter which informed that I am one of the committees in Activity and Stock Section. Fuah.. Two section directly just gave me quite depression aura for me. But, I didn’t want to stay focus on that because I was quite busy in my Parody Performance, Transportaion, and Fireworks for the Old & New Party 2010/2011.

That big event just passed smoothly. But, few days after 2011, exactly after being committee formally, I was in immovable position alias “STUCK!” with my both section. Again! I felt a little bit depression, but in other side, I felt proud because BLIA YAD Indonesia just gave me a big trusty to hold this both section at once. I kept on motivating myself,

“David, there is no fault again in choosing you as the committee of Activity and Stock Section!”
“You are creative! You will learn a lot!”
“Big challenge, David!”

There was also motivation from other people, like Shi Fu (as Supervisor), Dudao (as Advisor), TZ (as President), FTZ (as Vice President), committees, members, and other friends who has been an inspirational raw model. Thanks! (:

And now, February is coming!

Sunday Class will be our main responsibility. Hmm.. Our? Yes!

Stella Yaparlin and me myself! She is a great partner as Event Section to support my Activity Section, and we are ready to BURN every Sunday Class. BURN the youth spirit on every Sunday! Hahaha..

Creativity is our key to make every Sunday Class speciaL! Strategy for two years Sunday Class ahead is also in progress. We won’t lost these points :

–          Serving all the mankind

–          Humanistic Buddhism

–          Fun

–          Education

–          Uniqueness

–          Special

–          Youthful spirit

It has been a big challenge for this position “committee” only, and I haven’t mention about my education in Mikroskil, my position in family, my friendship, my health, my own project, my financial, my organization in Mikroskil, and my hobby.


I always use this sentence to face my life steadily : Learn & Balance !

As long as we DO something, obstacles will always come towards us in the same time. But, don’t afraid, buddy!

As long as we always try to learn from mistakes, learn because we CARE, learn to be creative, and learn to be better person in the future, obstacles will be our challenge & path to be stronger & wiser people!

We can learn anything. YES! Anything!

But don’t forget to be BALANCE in life. We still have responsibility in family, friends, job, education, ambition in the future, hobby, and the important thing is our HEALTH. My mom always remind me this point “HEALTH!”. Thanks, mom! (:

Yeah! We can sacrifice our money and time to support other aspects in life, but don’t ever sacrifice our health.  Okay, buddy? Hohoho..

Don’t miss your breakfast!

Sleep tight!

Drink much water!

Take care!

Be creative!


And, Balance!


NB : Special thanks to all committees 2009/2011 of BLIA YAD Indonesia. Without you guys, I am not “somebody” in BLIA YAD Indonesia. You did GREAT for two years! Now, we continue yours for two years ahead. Always need your support!

Thanks! (:

Committees of BLIA YAD INA 2009/2011

Committees of BLIA YAD INA 2011/2013