Aaa.. Thanks guys atas penyiksaan batinnya di Sun Plaza tadi atas surprise ultahnya dari teman Blia Yad Indonesia
Tak tau lagi diriku dah dijadiin model apa. Rambut,baju&celana totally CHANGE!
Ntah banci, metroseksual, bibi jualan, ato Jay Chow g tau lg! Haha

 Thx bnget guys da berbahagia di atas penderitaanku.. Wakaka.. Semua yang lihat di Sun tadi pasti mimpi buruk semua. Haha

 But really thanks guys!

 Thanks banget! (:

Actually, today’s gathering was great.. So many friends from Old&New Celebration 2010/2011 just make the Texas Chicken like ‘pasar sambas’ with their burning spirit of friendship and togetherness.. So crowded till 80% of sound was from us! Haha..

We ate and finally played the “Jujur atau Tantangan” games.. Quite fun especially when we got the funny and crazy CHALLENGE.. I just got once! Haha..

After that, some of us just did photoshooting with Widy’s camera.. Lots of ‘narsis’ shot! Hoho..

Finally, I was asked to try some clothes because of some reasons..

With their ‘cagy’ tricks, I fall into their trap! Aaaa..

So fool I am! I can’t describe my appearance anymore because my clothes style were contrary with my simple lifestyle.. Fuahh.. The 1st unforgettable moments at Sun Plaza in celebrating my born day which fall in January 1, 2011..

Thanks guys for your willingness to do this tricks to me..

Thanks for the gift (Cloth, Scarf, and trousers) which made me like ‘unknown’ man, and also the Jack’s Flash Phone Strap from Jack’s girl! Hahaha.. Thank you so much! Aaa..

Thanks for your wishes, guys..

Thanks for your greetings..

Hope that this friendship will never end..

Lots of other photos are waiting.. Next post must be those photos! Haha..

Thank you guys! (: