Few days ago, exactly from 30th December 2010 to 1st January 2011, I spent my whole day at Vihara Dharmashanti Brastagi with a lot of fantastic memories to face the new year of 2011. I was in Transportation section and also Fireworks section for that special event : Old & New Celebration 2010/2011. Wow!

I learnt a lot from those both sections. All things just run smoothly as I wished for. I just missed lots of moments, especially when we’re all ready to count the last seconds of 2010. Thirty minutes before countdown, I was at the 3rd floor of the temple to prepare all things. But I wasn’t alone at that time because I was in team with Makmur, Willis, and Suryanto. They just gave a great contribution to support this fireworks launching. Thanks a lot, partners! (:

I was speechless when I saw the magnificent fireworks just like coloring the sky. Fuahh..

I felt so grateful because at that time, it was my birthday also! Haha.. Fireworks will always be my great present in my life. I just wondering when I can gather with some friends who have same birthday with me also. I want to know their feeling about their unique birthday in 1st January. Haha..


At that time, people greeted each other and gave a warmth of hug. “Happy New Year! Happy New Year!”

Some of them also said, “David, happy birthday! Happy birthday!”

Some of them sent greeting from SMS,

and some of them sent it from Facebook.


Thank you so much, guys! (:

It just remembered me when 2 years ago (2008/2009), Lollipop just shouted “Happy birthday” together when we’re all together enjoying the fireworks at that temple also. Miss you, Lollipop! Haha..

I wish for my healthy, spirit, creativity, grateful and joyful feeling to become “STRONGER” to face this next 2 years (2011-2013). Now, I am one of committees in BLIA YAD Indonesia for the Activity and Stock Section. Sunday Class will be my main responsibility toward BLIA YAD Indonesia, so I always welcome for ideas and support.. (:

I hope that I can face it with a lot of learning, especially I can apply Dharma in my life then I can share and spread it to all people, especially friends and family.

I hope that I can do a great teamwork with all committees and also with all parts of BLIA YAD Indonesia..

I also wish for my study at Mikroskil, my friendship, and also my other activities to become more “BALANCE” and it can give me a great way to manage my time.

I miss the moments in the 5th BUS with Venny and Felix groups..

I miss the “Chinese Theme” in the night of 31st December 2010..

I miss the warmth hug of friendship after the fireworks..

I miss the fireworks..

I miss all the participants..

I miss the friendship togetherness in those 3 days..

I miss the moments when everyone was watching the “video”..

I miss the moments when we’re all crying after the committee inauguration and the “video” also..

I miss the warmth hug of friendship (again!)..

And, I miss you, guys!


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*Some photos was copied from Dickson’s camera, Blia YAD Indonesia, Pretty & Juvenia Wu’s photo album in facebook.. Thx, guys.. (: