27th October ‘till 1st November 2010 ~

The first trip when I went abroad without accompanied by my family. It was just GREAT tour! Haha..

Yap, it was great tour because it was just unique experiences, and be one of the 10th highest IP in one year was also a great pride for me. Yuhu! It was great not because of the tourists area, but I can spend that trip with great friends there.


There was a time when we did gathering together and spent few hours to play simple games in simple room and share each other to maintain a good communication, get experiences from every one, and it was possible for us to LAUGH AND LAUGH, because IT WAS TOTALLY FUN AND FULL OF JOKES! Haha..


Those moments was the most memorable feelings in the tour!


Maybe it sounds crazy because people will commonly feel memorable moments when they do shopping, feel the scenery of each country, can play unique games in the theme park, eat a great food, etc. But I just felt that it was natural condition and it looks normal for me, indeed! (:


We did two times gathering. The first time was in Singapore and the exact location was at a room which was for me, Felix, and Septiandy to spend our night there. At that time, we invited Suwandi, Erwin, Herman, Tissa, Valen, and Sulia at around 10 pm. We spent that whole night till around 1 am. Haha..


The second time was in Kuala Lumpur and the exact location was at a room and AGAIN! The room was for me, Felix, and Septiandy to spend our night there. Our room seems like a strategic base to do gathering. Hahaha… At that time, we invited the same persons again but with additional friends, Helen, Herliana, and Silvia. Tissa didn’t present at that time. I didn’t know why, maybe she was tired. It was the last gathering for us because the next day was our last day to spend our trip! Fuahh…


The last gathering was finished till around 3 am because the topics which we discussed was quite interesting and so many stories and experiences which were nice to be shared at that time. Aaaa… Miss the moments ! X)




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