The first journey (outside Medan city) which gave me a memorable happening and made me quite anxious. Fiuh…

But, it gave a quite nice experience because of that investigation. Haha.. Then we went home and be ready to do meeting. We did at least once in a week to prepare all things.


Sometimes the meeting didn’t run well and it made me feel depressed because I can’t handle the meeting when the situation became more complex and complex. It was natural situation because I TOTALLY didn’t have experiences in handling quite big, public, and formal event. I kept on motivating myself but sometimes I can’t handle it. Aaaa…


Finally, I shared it to my vice-leader, Dickson Unfatio. We did private meeting to discuss and share about my problems and thoughts. It wasn’t easy to make a decision and solution because we have many  considerations for each options. Fiuh… Then, there was the time when we have to meet President of BLIA YAD Indonesia, Suryono Lee, to gave us some advices and inputs about our obstacles. He helped a lot! Thanks! (:


Actually, I wasn’t wise enough to control it but I must keep moving. I has been given trusty from BLIA YAD Indonesia, I has been given motivation from some of ganbu (Read : official committees of BLIA YAD Indonesia), and also I has been given conviction from all my partners in organizing that event. Those always make me strong! Fuahh…


Finally, the day came!


We were very enthusiastic to burn that event! Haha… Though some parts of the events were out of planning and gave a little bad effect (the flowers! Aaa…), but I felt that the event was 90% done successfully. I personally felt proud because it just the first time for me being position in leader of event and the first time to handle such a formal event like that. At that time, my feeling was like juice with multiple tasty. Fuahh… Don’t know how to reveal those feelings here but it was really fantastic memorable for me! I learned a lot and I hope that I can be wiser and better in thinking and doing time by time.


Thanks to Dickson Unfatio as the best partner in organizing the YAD Holiday 2010!

Without him, I was nothing!

Thanks to keep on helping, supporting, and motivating me!


Great teamwork, bro!



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