Finally, YAD Holiday 2010 just passed few weeks ago, exactly in 26th September 2010. It passed just like imagination which comes and disappears very fast. Flashback about that event always makes me smile though mostly I faced many difficulties in preparing that special event.

Actually I am not officially committee in BLIA YAD Indonesia, but why I can be chosen as the leader of event in YAD Holiday 2010? Hmmm…

The story just starts from here.

(Don’t feel sleepy, huh! This is not a story telling before sleeping. Okay? Haha… )

One day…

There was an event called Harmonize Camp 2010 in BLIA YAD Indonesia. Before that event, there were 23 members which were chosen by BLIA YAD Indonesia to be a group leader of 8 groups in Harmonize Camp 2010. Of course, those 23 people (included me) felt surprised because we’re never being in that position without accompanying by committee and have no experience, really.

But, I myself think that decision has created a good mate for us to build and maintain a good friendship, especially when we were given a chance to perform together in that event. Every time we did discussion and preparation (mostly at Komplek Japaris. Hahaha…), there was the time for us to learn and adapt between each other.

Finally, in one month to do preparation for Harmonize Camp 2010, it makes us much closer and we called us as the Harmonity sQuad (HsQ). One day, when some of us knew that there were no Independence Day in this year 2010, an idea comes to my mind : “How about Harmonity sQuad organize that Independence Day?” So, I discussed with Dickson Unfatio & Eric Wijaya who has same idea about that things. We did chit-chat about that “crazy” idea, and finally we planned to ask Robin about his opinion. I asked him via SMS, and what he said to me really BURNED my spirit!

This was the message he replied to me at 26th July 2010 (I still saved that message! Haha…) :

Oke. Vid. Kondisi :

  1. Di pakam tidak ada panitia ataupun qing nien pan. Tp kita punya vihara, ada tempat. Kita bisa!
  2. Kita gak tau situasi atau kebiasaan orang sana, kita perlu sesuaikan, tapi kita punya teman yang sering ke sana. Yohannes, Very, Darwin, Chandra. Kita bisa cari tau dari mereka. Kita bisa!
  3. Di pakam kita gak dikenal, tidak ada Sunday Class, kita perlu promosi untuk menarik orang-orang di sana. Tapi kita punya BLIA di sana, kita mulai ajak anak-anak dari anggota BLIA. Kita bisa!
  4. Di vihara sana gak ada penginapan seperti di S3S. Tapi. Di sana gak banyak hiburan lo. Jadi sekali kita bisa menarik perhatian mereka, mereka pasti tetap datang ke Sunday Class. Kita bisa!

Menurut saya, proyek ini harus fleksibel. Vid.

If you are in my position, what do you feel? Same like what I felt at that time? Haha…

So, what’s next?

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Thanks for your time to read this X)

Good luck!

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