Hip Hip Horay ! Hahaha..

Few days ago, I just passed my unique days which ever made me full of complex thinking and almost made me crazy. Hahaha… But now I am not crazy anymore. Wakakaka… Those days were at 25th September and 26th September 2010.

25th September 2010 was the day I was chosen as the leader of the Seminar Technopreneurship and 26th September 2010 was the day I was “also” chosen as the leader of the YAD Holiday 2010 at Pakam. They are unique for me because I never felt in that position and also in the contiguous (Means : berdekatan) day. I didn’t have any quite real experiences in leadership but I didn’t know why I was brave to take that risky decision. I was hypnotized by something, maybe. Hahaha…

Though in the beginning, I didn’t felt any stress and depression, but one week before the days, I really extremely felt the pressure from anywhere, especially in my MIND. Aaaaaa…

But finally those two days have passed and I feel very grateful because I passed them with only few problems though there were many obstacles during those days (especially before it!!). I feel proud because many people support me and they give their credence (Means : kepercayaan) to me.

I’m so sorry if I ever made mistakes to them, ever put a bad feeling to them, made them less of appreciation, bad miscommunication, made them feel depress, and other negative feelings to them. I’m very sorry and I hope they can accept my guiltiness (Means : kesalahan).

I really do special thanks to them for their support and good teamwork;

Seminar Technopreneurship : BITS Mikroskil, Asykar, Kartini, Mety, Suwandi, Martin, Valen, Harrison, Daeng, Wenti, Vincent, Irwan, and Joni.

YAD Holiday 2010 : BLIA YAD Indonesia, Light Shi Fu, Miao Phin Shi Fu, Robin, Suryono Lee, Dickson, Vera, Rosalina, Stephen, Felix, Eric, Evanny, Tiffany, Widy, Pretty, Caroline Utama, Daniel, Gian, Stefanie, Elvia, Delvin, Devit, Handy, Chandra, and Very.

I don’t know how to reveal my feelings to all of them.

I am really proud of you, guys!

Thanks to be part of my life and experience!

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

When I feel happy, is blessing
When I feel warmers, is friendship
When I feel harmony, is Dharma Love
YH event closed with lots of good memory
Friendship never End…
…if you feel tired, take a break
if you feel ready, we back to rock it
if you feel free, remember to note for closing meeting:)
Dharma spreading all the life way…

calm n peace

(Light Shi Fu)