Last Sunday, in 5th September 2010, was the day when I did chanting and joined the Dharma Talk at templ. It was talking about TIME. (:

Some points which I got from the Dharma Talk were :

–          Sacrifice

–          Appreciate our TIME


The speaker was telling the story which have connection with sacrifice.

One day, there was a castle which was quite famous in that territory. The king was very sad because his daughter was in sickness. The king has asked many people to cure his daughter but no one can cure her. So, the king found one way to cure his daughter. He made an announcement and adhered it in front of the wall of castle’s entrance.

For whom can cure my daughter, I will have my daughter as your wife.

Many people saw that announcement and many people has tried to cure the king’s daughter, but no one can make it.

Then, there was one island far away from that territory which has three siblings. All of them have their own excess (Means : kelebihan).

The eldest brother has sight skill which is an ability to see things far away.

The 2nd brother has special fabric like Aladdin’s which can fly and has function as transportation.

Last, the youngest has a special apple which can cure all of disease if people just eat that apple.

One day, the eldest brother see the announcement at the wall of castle’s entrance and tell it to his two siblings.

The youngest brother said, “I have this apple to cure her.”

The 2nd brother said, “Good. Because we are far away from that place, just use my special fabric to go there.”

Then, the eldest just said, “Okay! Let’s go now!”

Finally, three of them just use that fabric and fly to face the king. Till there, the youngest give the apple to the king’s daughter. She eat it and last she is cured from sickness. The king is very happy but there is contradiction between the three siblings. Who will be the husband of king’s daughter?

The youngest brother said, “Actually it will be me. Without my apple, his daughter can’t be cured.”

The 2nd brother said, “But without my special fabric, we can’t go till here. Because our island is far away from here and it is absurdity (Means : mustahil) if we can go till here without my special fabric.”

The eldest brother said, “All of you forget my merit (Means : jasa/kebaikan). Without my sight skill, you can’t know about this announcement. Actually, I am the first people who know about this and it is reasonable if I become her husband.”

The king is confuse with that situation and last, he call some of wise advisers to solve that problem. Finally, the man who is reasonable to be the husband of king’s daughter is the youngest brother. It is because he has immolated (Means : mengorbankan) his apple and after that sacrifice, he doesn’t have that apple anymore. Whereas, the others still have their skill though they have used it.

Hope that we can pick the positive sides of this story.

To be continued.. (: