Few weeks ago, my team (Suwandi, Harrison, and me) didn’t pass the online programming contest for Gemastik 2010. I was shock at that time, not because we didn’t pass the contest, but the questions was extremely difficult. Haha… But, it’s okay because we have another competition. It was ITB Programming Contest.

First time, we have to do online competition same like the Gemastik contest. It was few days after the Gemastik Contest. We have 3 hours to make the code (Dev C++) to solve the problem which was given in those questions. Finally, we just finished 1 question from 6 questions, and we were at the 13th rank from 16 contestants who pass and will continue the contest at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) at Bandung city.

From Mikroskil, it has 2 teams who passed the contest, one was at 3rd rank, and one again was at 13th rank (it was my team). I was very happy because we passed the online competition and will go to Bandung. But, the problem was Mikroskil will probably sponsored for the best team only (minimum range till 10th rank), whereas my team wasn’t at that range. BUT there was comrade (Means : rekan) at Mikroskil who will make a request to make my team being sponsored.

Though I was quite shock when I finally knew that the contest was in 25th – 26th September 2010 and at the same time I was the committee leader for Seminar Technopreneurship at 25th September 2010 and YAD Holiday Pakam at 26th September 2010.

I was almost crazy because of that complex situation which I have to choose one of them; continue the contest at Bandung city or keep on organizing the Seminar & YAD Holiday. Aaaaaaaaaaa….

But, finally I called the Mikroskil to know whether we were paid and the result was Mikroskil just paid for 1 team. It means that for the transportation and living fee will be sponsored by Mikroskil, so finally my team cancelled the contest because we weren’t sponsored.

Feel more relax at that time and now I can focus on the seminar and YAD Holiday 2010.

Hope that both of those programs can run smoothly.