In Harmonious Camp 2010, every Group Leaders (XDF) got a mini bag from Teng Shi Fu, and I was one of them. Thanks Shi Fu for the bag! ^^

Also, I want to say thanks to Marcella Eteng for the mini souvenir. She just returned home from Jakarta few weeks ago. Thank you! Haha…

In July, when travelling with BLIA YAD Malaysia at S3S, there was a new friend, Tiffanny Setiawan, just gave me these photographs after returning home from S3S. Thanks! 🙂


Today I just checked my IP (Indeks Prestasi) score in Semester 2 and I got the highest score, 4.00! Haha… I will get scholarship again for the 2nd time. Hope that in the next semester, I can face my study with good result again. Thanks for all lecturer and friends who have supported me in the process of learning.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks! 🙂