This month, my appetite in learning English and Mandarin is quite increasing. It was affected by my resignation in my Mandarin private course, sharing from my friends about their story and experience which are connected to English and Mandarin, my dream to continue my Master Degree abroad, and also currently my trip with YAD Malaysia at S3S Brastagi from 18 June till 20 June 2010. Those made me really need to improve them for my hard skill in language.

Just I ever shared in my previous writing; I will also spend my holiday time to improve my English and Mandarin. Trip with YAD Malaysia do have connection and for the next writing, I will share about that. Haha… What I want to share here is about how to improve English and Mandarin that was recently applied by me. This is it!

As you know, this is simple announcement which push people to speak English and Mandarin. I adhere (Means: tempel) at strategic place in my home and the target is my brothers. Of course, the aim of this measure (Means: tindakan) is to improve our daily speaking with English or Mandarin between me and my brothers. Till two days after, seems it run smoothly, though sometimes we forgot to speak English. Haha… Though at first, my communication towards my brothers was quite insipid, but I think it just need process. Hope it can give a good result and my brothers (also me) can use to speak English/Mandarin well and fluently time by time.

Though that is just simple idea, but I think you can try to apply it if you really want to improve your speaking. Hope you can feel the positive side from this idea. But, it always starts from you, buddy! You make it and you must start it also! Haha…

Good luck!