Finally, the 24th June 2010 just came! Members just need to arrive at Jalan Gandhi Dalam around 6 o’clock. At that time, I haven’t arrived, but Yenni have. I was late for few minutes, and till there, I saw some of my members, and really felt very spiritful. Haha… Before entering the bus, Yenni gave our members a bracelet which can be shiny in the dark. Waiting for the last members, we (Yenni, Zulvin, Wendy Tio, and Irene) did a chanting (Sin Cing) before we moved! We (CLARITY) and some members of WISDOM were in 2nd bus also.

Few minutes in bus after leaving, the condition was so insipid (Means: hambar) because nobody be a mood maker in bus. Zulvin who sit beside me, just asked me to start introduction and Yenni just messaged me to be a mood maker immediately (because Yenni was at the back). I felt that people really need a mood maker at that time but I was stuck in the same time because I confused how to start it. “Ancua oo! Ancua oo! Ai kong hamik o! Emm… ! Aaaa… !” But I tried to do rehearsal in heart first and after I did it few times, finally I stood up and spoke! Hahaha…

I did simple introduction for each member in that bus and didn’t forget to apply some jokes in the same time. After that, I told some information before and after arriving at S3S (Dharmashanti Brastagi Temple). *After gathering with CLARITY in the night of 27th June 2010, I still remembered one of my members told that, at the first time in bus, she was confused why I could stand up and spoke in the bus whereas I was just member same like them because I wore common cloth, but finally she just knew that I was her Group Leader. Haha…* Finally, I felt so comfortable after that buffetings (Means: perjuangan). Hohoho…

The events just started. At the first time, I just felt the harmonize feeling around 40%, but after be togetherness in speaking out our Yell Yell, playing Snake Ladder Games, having breakfast, lunch & dinner, bargaining in Cooking Business, cooking & buying ingredients by using remaining money, throwing people in a pool, using recycle object & other things to create something useful, designing for tent’s name (at that time, my tent name was Banana Camp), moving with closing eyes and being controlled by the last people, doing jungle track, BBQ-ing, watching BLIA YAD News,  giving massage when in a row, enjoying performance, listening to Dharma speaker (Ricky, Jessie, Hendry [Du Dao], Suryono [Tuan Zhang], Robin, Jackson, Jia Jia, Light Shi Fu, and Miao Phin Shi Fu), holding hands & making a circle *We did fraudulence (Means: kecurangan) spontaneously at that time! Haha…*, gathering, joking after BBQ-ing *REALLY LIKE AND MISS THAT MOMENT*, having Buddhist Examination, and sharing, I really felt the full of harmonize feeling.

Though we weren’t chosen to be the best group, but I myself felt rightfully proud of CLARITY. We have done the BEST and we have already gotten the BEST! Felt grateful because all of CLARITY members were very great and I am sure that they were the best for me, Yenni, and Zulvin! Felt grateful also because I have an opportunity & mate (Means: jodoh) to be one of 24 leaders in Harmonize Camp 2010, and I could give the best for them!

Though this Harmonize Camp 2010 was the last event for Harmonize Camp, but really congrats the committees and you did great guys!

Thanks Buddha, Light Shi Fu, and committees (2008-2010) !

Thanks CLARITY to be part of my life and to be part of Harmonize Camp 2010 !

Hope that this harmonize feeling can be hold out, can be amendable (Means: dikembangkan), and can maintain a good mate between committees, group leaders, members, and BLIA YAD Indonesia !

**Some words that gave a nice memory:



*Xiao liao la ce pai!!!


*Song hoooo!!!

*CLARITY! We are Clarity! (We are Clarity!) And we we are Clarity! (And we we are Clarity! ) We we are are Clarity! (We we are are Clarity! ) Clarity! We are we are Clarity Clarity! Ergghh~~~

*Ayok semangat! Ayok semangat!

*Thankful thankful thankful ooowwwwww!

*Selamat PAGIIII ! (by Jessica *WISDOM*)

*Kak lue mak kong du lian bo ho ciak!!!

*Hippo and Jaeho!!

*Clarity! Ka liao ciak pa pa ya! Ciak kao Errrgghhh~~~

*Clarity! W lang pa liao lo! Errrggghhhh~~~

*Ane Chubi! Bo la! Biasa aja! (by Suhendra)

*Hidup Sofyan Tan! Kembalikan mata Juandy! (lol)

*We we are are CLARITY! (Monkey style by Felix Tj)

*WE ARE CLARITY! (Lion style by Eric Wijaya)

That’s all parts of Harmonize Camp!

See you in the next event and every Sunday Class in Dharmashanti Temple at 9 o’clock!