Two days ago was my busy day. I have to prepare some of C++ code for Aljabar Linear program. Peter, Sulaiman, and I were in one team. When it was the day for us to present our program, we just knew that the lecturer didn’t come. Aaaa… Feel dejected of course. But in other way, I feel more relax because the program has been done. Just need to do exercise for presenting it in front of class. Hoho…

I just got a learning related with that. There was another team beside us who will present their program also. I thought that my team was the only one that will present the program that day. But, I just knew that there was 1 team that will do it also. That team has 4 people (if I was not mistaken), but only one who want to do presentation. So, I just asked the others:

David: “Have you do preparation?”

“I haven’t! But “he” wants to present it today!” (with dejected expression)

He: “No problem. We can do it! We can do it!”

David: “So, how about the others?”

“They haven’t prepared it also!”

David: “Owh, I see…”

Can you get the point? Hoho… I feel that it was not a good deed if “he” wants to get a high score for the presentation. I myself would prefer on friendship rather than high score. Can you imagine that if the lecturer comes and they do presentation? Most of them haven’t done preparation and suddenly ordered by “him” to do so? I guarantee that the presentation will be BAD!  And after the presentation, maybe they will have problem in their friendship.

All people want to get high score. Whatever it is! People want to have the best. Me also!!! They will have enthusiasm to face their life, and of course they hope that it will give a good result for that. But I always try not to be blind because of that. Don’t apply it as your ambition! Though it will be good for the result, but it will be VERY VERY VERY BAD in the process. I got this “ambition” learning from Jessica (committee in YAD) in the last Dharma Discussion on 2nd April 2010. Ambition will make us like wearing the horse’s glasses that will make us can’t see other condition and people beside us. Just ahead and ahead though people beside us are suffering and hoping for our help…

Say NO to Ambition!