Today, there was no Sunday Class so I woke up at 8 am. Haha… After having breakfast at Asia Mega Mas with my little brother, Daniel, I just went to BLIA YAD Studio – One Heart One Dream at Jalan Asia.

Till there, I waited for some people of my team, and no long time, I started our simple gathering with my Team 3 of Harmonize Camp at 9:30, with accompanying by committee, Ricky and member, Dikson. He (Dickson) was an infiltrator actually. Hahaha…

After finished, I have to attend Mandarin Class at 10:30, and did simple gathering again with my Mandarin’s classmates after it finished. As the chairman, I did sharing to them and they did it also. I asked about their opinion about their feelings and many more.

Just now, I just slept from 4:30 pm and planned to wake up at 7 pm.
But, suddenly I woke up at 6 because of my 2nd brother, Darwin Wijaya.

He said,”Hey, wake up! Wake up! There is someone who was looking for you.”
So, I just went down with sleepy face and quite surprised because there were two strangers, one was like mother, and one was like her daughter.
Then, I asked,” Emm… Who are you? ”
The mother said,” I was looking for teacher to teach my daughter. ”
So, I welcomed them, and we did some consultation and discussion.
At first, she said,” You just finished sleeping, huh? ” Hahaha…

But, finally it done, and tomorrow I will teach that new student who have problems in Mathematic, Physic, and Chemistry. Though, they bothered my sleeping time, but I felt surprised and grateful. Feel more energetic started from tomorrow. Haha…

And also, tomorrow, I will continue my mid semester test for the next 4 days. Although there was four holidays to do preparation, but my bad habit just pop out. I have spent the first three days with no preparation at all, just watching TV, browsing, preparing something that was no connection with the test, and many more. Today is my last day to do preparation, and I will be busy at this night and tomorrow morning to study. Fiuh… I realized that I have used SKS (Sistem Kebut Semalam) system to face my mid semester. Haha… But, I have realized it now and I really don’t want to repeat that bad habit anymore. I still learn to control it. Hehe…

Let’s try to realize our habit and action everyday.
If we realized that it is a bad habit and action, just try to minimize it.
If we realized that it is a good habit and action, don’t stop it and try to maximize it.

So, that’s all about today. This is my last writing to end this week and this Sunday. Hope tomorrow will be my new day to face my mid semester and also my new student. Yuhu!!