Previous writing was about Different Sunday, and this is also about different Sunday (again).

Today is my first time being a part of Sunday Class. Being people who can serve people is just like things that cannot be bought. Today, I just serve people by using my voice. Wahahaha… Not singing (because I can’t sing. Hahaha…), but just talking as usual but as John Forbes Nash Jr. Talking about John Forbes Nash, he is brilliant people. He can survive and cured from mind breakdown “skizofrenia”. Because of his diligence and creativity, he also got Nobel Prize of his new Theory.

Thanks for that chance so that I can be a part of Sunday Class team, and also for Vincent, Yufrica, Silvia Winny, Tiffany, Yenni, and Vera who have given support and work as good team.

Actually, I’m still curious about John Forbes Nash Jr. film, Beautiful Mind. People said it was very fantastic film. Hmmm… I think that I need to watch it and I will get it soon. Wahaha…

Tomorrow is Monday and also my beginning of mid semester II at Mikroskil. It’s time to refresh my mind again about all subjects that I have learnt. I still got problems in one subject. Big challenge!!! Hmm…

Some projects must be done in this May and June, and also do preparing for Pantomime show for 16 May 2010. Sometimes I feel very busy with my activities but I enjoy it. When it is my relaxing time, I will do online facebook to refresh my mind by reading people’s status and problems. Happy feeling, sad feeling, and so many again are completely there. I can learn something from those. Hoho…

Projects !

Tasks !

Pantomime !

Mid semester II !

I’m coming ~