Now is 22:03. Write some words first before entering the Dreamland. Wahaha…

I was just reading back my writing in this blog and I thought that I have to continue this “Yesterday with my grandma” writing again. The next day (4th April 2010) after that day, in the morning, there was a call towards my father around 7 am. When I was preparing myself for attending Sunday Class, my father went down in a rush. I asked, “Father, what happened?” He said, “Grandma was down!” At that time, I was shock and he just went to see grandma. I was going to have breakfast first with my little brother, Daniel and also my uncle from Jakarta who came here few days ago. After that, I fetched my mom to see grandma at Bunda Thamrin Hospital at Jalan Sei Batang Hari. Quite far but that was the hospital which near with my grandma position at that time.

I went back to attending Sunday Class. Daniel and I was late, but luckily the Dharma session hasn’t finished. Next few days, my family and I just went to the hospital to see grandma. At that time, there were around 20 people more that visiting grandma. We are big family actually.

When I was in the room, I saw grandma with fatefully lying on the bed. My father just asked me to approach grandma and saw her. Then, father asked grandma, “Who’s this?” She saw me but gave no answer. She was like trying to remember but she can’t. Feel very sad at that time. Not because she couldn’t say my name, but her condition with no energy and slow in responding made me almost crying. My father and the others tried to joke one another with grandma also, but my grandma just saw them with no response. That was EXTREMELY the most sad-feeling in my life until now. I really feel it deeply in my heart. I almost dropped tears but I tried not to.

But, day after day, my grandma became healthier and she was allowed to go home a few days ago. I felt so happy and grateful.

Now, she can stand, talk, and respond faster.

I’m just hope that in her remaining life, she can feel happy moments, with accompanying by her children and grandchild in harmony situation, gathering together, laugh and joking.