After browsing internet for some hours, searching information for my project, login facebook, giving comments, and reading people’s blog, I planned to stop all of those now because time is showing 23:55. I am not sleepy and I think it’s time for me to do writing now. Haha..

This month, I will be so busy because of projects which need to be accomplished faster. Start from my university projects till my organization that I joined, Blia Yad Indonesia. Wuhu.. So long I never feel that I need MORE time like this. I realize again that Time is very useful if we know how to use it, and sometimes we will feel that our time is not ENOUGH.

Continue my last writing, about Parent’s Love toward their Son. It remembered me when my mother ever sharing with me the condition when I was a child (This is because I can’t remember it). I was a very naughty boy. I like to take people belongings when visiting people’s home, then I will cry loudly when I can’t take the belongings, also didn’t want to go home because of that, whimper (merengek) by rolling over and over on the floor. I also like to streak the whole wall in my home by using colorful pencil. Despite of that, when my father wanted to go home, he always brings a toy for me, so the 4-floor-drawer was always full of my toys at that time. There were many more about my parent’s love toward me and it can’t be explained 1 by 1 here because it will be so long long and long. Wahaha… That’s why, if I didn’t love my parents, I’m absolutely having no heart and brain to live in this world again.

I have promised myself. I will try to appreciate what they have done to me. Try to make them happy, not making them worried, take care of them, my health, my brothers, our family relationship, one day make them proud of me, never make them regretful because of me, be patience, preserve what they gave to me, understanding them, be honest son, be successful people, be diligent, be a good sample for my brothers, and be beside them when they are loneliness.

I hope that those can give the most beautiful diary of their whole life. I’m sure that they have dreams, and I know one of those.  I will be together with them to achieve that dream, HAVING A WONDERFUL AND HARMONIOUS FAMILY.