Pantomime is one of entertainment shows that I was ever being part of it, beside dancing and drama humor. When I was in Senior High School, I have much humor sense. I like joking with friends and sometimes did actions like TV shows in Trans TV, Jahil. Haha… It was so fun at that time because I can make people laugh as spectator, but makes the victims sometimes dejected of those actions. Haha… But my friends have known me well so they knew that I was just joking and they enjoyed it.

After graduated, I ever flashback the jahil actions when I was lonely. I smiled, laughed, and ever asked myself, why I could be so naughty at that time. Haha… After thinking for a while, I got a conclusion that I enjoyed it. When I could make people laugh and happy, I was also happy. I was having fun of it. Especially with my classmates who have known me well. Although I have much humor sense, I try to be careful in applying it when I was communicating with other friends, because I have ever got experiences when I was careless in applying it.

Time by time, day by day, I learn from those experiences to think more mature than I ever thought when I was in Senior High School. Thinking more mature doesn’t make me lack of humor sense. From Pantomime, I can make people smile, laugh and happy “again”. Haha… ^^,