When I was watching many problems in the television show, hearing many problems that happened in people’s life, facing life  with some problems, and all of negative things that make people sad, angry, regret, despondent, or even surrender of their life, sometimes I’m so extremely happy, contented, grateful, and comfortable of my life.  Although I was not born in family of President, wealthy businessman, famous artist, famous football player like David Beckham, or other famous people  that maybe we ever dream to be in family of them, I still feel so grateful with my family that I was born in.

In my age now, I still have lovely father and mother that their age is still in 40 something. They were still young! Haha… I have two brothers even sometimes they were very naughty and egoistic, but I realize that it was a natural condition. I was also naughty when I was in that age. Because of that, as elder brother, I kept on giving advice, trying to control them, monitoring them, and giving good example from my doing and activities. Beside my family, I also feel grateful of what I can use until now. I can use my father’s car, my mother’s motorcycle, my father’s giving – handphone, computer and laptop, a huge and pleasant home, and many other things that was prepared for me to use it freely. I was truly and totally grateful of that!!!

My father and mother also give me freedom to do my activities. They never controlled me but they just gave me advice and warning when they felt it was necessary. I always give my trusty to them so that they were never afraid and worried about me. Again, I feel grateful of that.

I try to be independent son. I have my own income from my job and little business. I try to minimize my father’s expenses though my income wasn’t much enough. I tried my best to be a stand-alone, loyalty and grateful son for my family, especially my father and mother, be a good and understanding elder brother for my two younger brothers, be a kind, energetic, inspiring, and motivated people in society, and be a smart, creative, success, wise and valuable for myself. Again and again, I feel grateful of what I had, what I felt, what I faced, what I did, and what I got until now.

I agree with this sentence, When we try to be grateful of our own life, we will realize that our life can be more beautiful.