Today, I just spent my time with family by watching one of the Walt Disney films, Alice in the Wonderland. We watched at 12:00 pm at Thamrin 21. I like the effect, especially the smiling cat. Haha… It remembered me about the Jack o’ lantern that also has a smiley face, although the face is a little bit scary. Haha… I like Jack o’ lantern also. That feeling started when my family and I was travelling at Hongkong. I took a walk at night when there were so many selling goods at side of road. Suddenly, I got the souvenir of Jack o’ lantern. I bought some of those when I was crazy of the Jack at the first time. Because of that, now I have my two favorites smiley cartoon, Jack o’ lantern and also the smiling cat, cheshire. Full of smiling 🙂