Back again with my third writing (Category : Sharing), why why and why. Let’s start! There are so many why in this world, but there are some why that come to my mind while I did writing. Maybe it will sound like self-interview and insane for some people, I guess. Hehe…

1st . Why do you do this writing?

Answer : I have planned this activity about a year ago, but it never materialized. Maybe at that time, I didn’t think this activity was very important for me and I was busy until I forgot to do this good activity. Also, few weeks ago I knew a girl and I was motivated from her blog and makes me recalled my mind to do writing. Who’s dat girl? Haha…

2nd . Why didn’t you post it to your notes in FB?

Answer : Actually I just want to improve my english and use this blog as my own diary, but I think there is no fault also if I share my blog to anyone. I just inform my blog address in my profile and I don’t want to post it to my notes because it will sound ‘narsis’ by some people, so I’m only depending on ‘mate’ that connected certain people to my blog.

3rd . Why did you name your blog with info77?

Answer : I was thinking to promote my simple private course with blog about 3 or 4 months ago. Because this is about information, so I got the word ‘info’ and because of the number 77 of my home, I got the word ‘77’. Finally, I got all of them with combination Http://

4th . Why do you want to use wordpress as your blog?

Answer : I have a blogspot actually beside wordpress. But I prefer wordpress because it has prepared a comment box for people who want to leave a comment. Blogspot also can do this but we must find the gadget to be filled in the settings and I still don’t have that ability although I have found many information about that.

5th. Why if there will be no comment from any people for your posting, even no at all?

Answer : That is the worst positive case but it’s better than using blogspot with no leave-a-comment service and finally is also no at all. So, like the answer of 2nd question, I’m just depending on mate with certain people who want to share their opinions and comments.

Ok! That’s all about my why, why, and why. Only five questions and you can ask me for further why by using the “Leave a comment” that has been prepare in the last of every posting. Thank you!