So hard actually to resign from USU. Some people said that it was too pity. Other said I was so fool. Mostly was negative reaction and I accepted it because it was natural reaction, especially many people out there who have studied over and finally they can’t pass the test. But other case, I have to follow my little heart.

In preparing my resignation, I have planned to start my new study with IT major and after searching information, finally I chose Mikroskil. Although I mostly heard negative things about Mikroskil, I was sure that the best quality of IT in Medan is at Mikroskil and I have been ready for any consequences. Good or bad is all depending on us. But…

The problem is that I have to wait for 6 months to start a new study year in 2009, and I was really confuse because it never comes to my mind in the first instance. Finally, after do much thinking and imagination, I planned to fill my every single day by:

–          Doing sport : Fitness and swimming

–          Being a private teacher of my Mandarin teacher’s children

–          Building my own business of private teaching

–          Learning English and Mandarin

–          Being active in Buddhist organization – Blia Yad Indonesia

After 6 months with those positive activities, finally I start my new study at Mikroskil with IT major and I have promised myself that I don’t want to waste my time anymore because I freshed out a year for my study and it will be a serious problem in the future if I don’t focus on that.

I’m always convincing myself that what I have planned and did are already the best for me and what I will obtain in the future is also will be the best for me. I’m agree with this sentence, After doing the best, all of those will depend on ‘mate’. Haha…

Do you believe in mate, guys? I hope you can take the positive sides from my experience here. Do the best to get the best!