Hi! We meet again for my 2nd writing about my study. As my first writing told about Logic & Algorithm subject that I learnt at Mikroskil, now I will tell about my first study before now. Substantively, in 2008 I have graduated from Hang Kesturi school and tried to continue my study at University of North Sumatera (USU). I tried the UMB lane but I failed and finally I passed from SPMB lane.

I was quite contented. Not only me, but all of university students that have same condition with me. I took Civil Engineering major because at first, I wanted to choose Architecture for my first choice and I didn’t want to fill the second choice because I didn’t interest in other major anymore. But, my tutor at BIMA suggested me to fill it with Civil Engineering major.

For requirement, Civil Engineering is higher than Architecture, so that Civil Engineering must be the 1st choice and Architecture is the 2nd choice. For some reasons and explanations from the tutor and my friends, I did what the tutor told me.

Ok! Back to the contented feeling. I was so glad at that time and faced my study there as usual. After 3-4 months, I didn’t enjoy my study there because I excessively spent much time for waiting the lecturer and it was so dejecting and wasting my time, also. I was very exhausted because of that. Finally, after some reasons and explanations both from my friends and my family, I decided to resign from USU. Ohh… After the resignation, what else? Yeah, I will be back with my 3rd writing for that. Haha.. Good Luck!